Managed Home WiFi

Internet connectivity is the center of our lives. Our homes here in the UAE are built like bunkers, with concrete walls and thick doors that block wifi signals.

The best way to distribute a strong wifi signal around your home is by having a professionally designed, access point based system installed. In upgrades, we typically use the wires already installed in your home, and simply install wall-mounted access points in the current RJ45 wall plug. (If you look around your home and see these, you already have everything needed to quickly and cost-effectively upgrade with zero mess, rewiring or cutting into walls.
When designing a new home, we analyze the floorplan and use ceiling access points that have a little more range but require additional wiring.

When it comes to choosing which type of access point, that is going to depend on a few factors. How many people will use the internet at the same time, and what will they be doing?
Modern, managed systems can actually be configured to allocate and throttle traffic, so if you are working from home and need more bandwidth for that online meeting, or the kids need it for school, you will always have enough connectivity.

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