We are your smart home experts in Dubai!

Avario makes homes smarter and more secure. Our technology was developed in the UK specifically for homes built in Dubai. We give you the ability to not only control but also add intelligence to your home’s lighting, security, appliances, thermostat and many other devices from anywhere you have an internet connection. Remotely control lights, adjust your thermostat or receive real-time video coverage from your home’s security camera with your mobile or from a tablet. Whether at home or away, our intelligent smart home systems can make your life easier.

What is so special about Smart Homes in Dubai?

Dubai’s homes are constructed with thick, steel reinforced walls which can be a serious challenge for smart home systems that were not engineered to work within this environment. Wired systems require messy installation and rewiring and traditional wireless systems are designed for wood framed construction and simply don’t work in our Dubai homes.

As a pioneer in the development of cutting-edge technology and smart home systems specifically designed for Dubai, you can trust Avario to give you a system that is stable, easy to use and supported for years to come.

– Reduce your DEWA Bill.

– Control your home with traditional switches, via our control app on your mobile, or using our dedicated control tablet.

– You can answer your door from anywhere in the world.

– Receive notifications such as text messages, emails and security camera footage when people enter your house or exit your house.

Affordable Smart Home Technology for Dubai.

Once reserved for luxury properties like the Burj Khalifa and those found in communities like Emirates Hills, the current costs of home automation for your Dubai home are going to surprise you. Avario has brought the dream to life. Today, Avario can install an intelligent smarthome system for a fraction of the cost of systems that were installed even 5 years ago. In some cases, the energy offset alone can entirely pay for a system.