Let’s start with the Basics…

Symphony is the ‘Brains’ behind the Avario Smart Home System. It runs your home without a connection to the cloud, protecting your privacy, and eliminating any lag in controls. The Symphony App runs on any smartphone or tablet and pulls all your controls into one convenient and easy-to-use interface. Designed with features specifically created for our lifestyles in Dubai, Symphony is simply the best choice when it comes to Smart Home Architecture in the GCC.

Better Lighting Controls

Think beyond the basic “on” and “off”. With smart light controls, you have finer control over your lights and can tune your room to the exact ambiance you need.

Lower your energy bill

ACs play a large role in our daily lives here. They also represent 70% of a home’s energy use. Our app gives you better scheduling and the ability to control and monitor your AC from anywhere.

Motorised Curtains & Blinds

Protect your privacy and manage solar energy load on your AC system through your windows with scheduled opening and closing.

Then we go a little more advanced…

Managed Wi-Fi

Now, more than ever, reliable, high-speed internet access has become a necessary part of everyday life.

There is nothing more annoying than a low or intermittent signal in a favourite part of the house or garden. We ensure every corner of the home and garden is covered by a strong, high-speed Wi-Fi signal. Our package includes a full analysis of your floorplan and deployment of a futureproof, professional-grade home network with advanced security features to protect your data and your home

Water & Flood Sensors

Protect your home from leaking AC units, tank leaks, broken water lines, washing machines or anywhere that water could damage your property. We have a selection of convenient, battery powered water detectors at the ready,

Window & Door Sensors

Our sensors require no wiring and can be installed in minutes with no mess. Know who is coming and going, detect open & unlocked windows, and monitor your home while you are away.

Security & Cameras

Your private home network includes a professional-grade camera management system. With HD level monitoring and recording, customizable motion capture zones and advanced options for privacy protection and night vision, the Unifi Protect system from Ubiquity is one of the most cost-effective and feature full security suites on the market today

Smart Doorlocks

Your smartphone, fingerprint or PIN can be the key to your home (we give you an old fashioned key as a backup just in case). Monitor your door from anywhere in the world. With smartlocks from all major manufacturers, we will have one that matches your style and décor.

Streaming Audio

Enhance your environment with music, podcasts, or even nature sounds. From portable streaming speakers like Sonos, to architectural, hidden, ceiling speakers and full on home theatres, we have the ideas, partners and technology to bring your ideas to life.

Outdoor Speakers

We have a selection of outdoor speakers to enhance your outdoor space. From simple wireless outdoor speakers from Sonos to ‘invisible’ wired systems powered by Denon’s HEOS amps we can build you a solution that matches your environment and your budget

Smart Irrigation

Water is an expensive resource here in Dubai and our smart irrigation management systems can help you help the environment by making your water usage more efficient and reducing your water bills by as much as 50%. Hydrawise smart irrigation systems by Hunter pay for themselves quickly in reduced bills and convenience.