Frequently Asked Questions

This is a collection of the most common questions we get asked. If you do not see the answer to a question you have, please call our customer service line or submit your question here. We aim to answer all questions within 24 hours.

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Top 5 Questions

These are the top 5 questions we get asked about Avario

Do you have to rip out wiring or walls?

In Short, no, Avario uses the most up to date wireless technology. In most installs, no walls will be harmed.

I have heard wireless systems don’t work in large homes and can be hacked by teenagers.

When current wireless technology is installed correctly by professionals, it is secure and is just as reliable as wired but with more flexibility.

I really like the look of my current light switches, can I keep them?

Yes, we offer both options of keeping your current switches or swapping them out for new smart switches (it costs about the same)

What happens if the Avario Brain stops working?

In the very rare case that the Avario Brain stops working, everything will default back to basic switches instead of smart switches.

Will I be without lights or a home for weeks while you install the system?

An average sized villa can be done in a single day and each room will need the power shut off for only minutes at a time.


Can Avario be retrofitted into an existing home?

The short answer is YES! Avario’s wireless technology means that you do not need any additional wiring in your home to install our solutions. In most cases, your home will already have all the wiring necessary. A basic Avario install is a simple replacement of switches and dimmers, installation of a “brain” unit, and some configuring.

Can Avario be used if the Internet is not working?

Yes, when a connection to the internet is unavailable, the entire system works just like a basic non-smart house. Although some features may not be available, you are always able to use wall switches turn on and off lights.

Can Avario replace an already installed system?

Yes, and in most cases, it will eliminate a lot of extra wires, complexity and unnecessary costs of maintenance and install.

When CAN’T Avario be retrofitted into a home?

Sometimes, the wiring required is not present. This is most common in regions where ground (earthing) wires may not be necessary or standard practice. This is most common in renovations where electricians add a wall and switch. The best way to find out is to contact a certified installer and have them do an assessment.

Where can I get Avario

Avario is installed by certified and approved installers. If you are interested in having Avario installed in your home, search for an installer here.


What can Avario control in my home?

Well, the answer we like to give is: EVERYTHING. Avario “talks” to almost every smart component on the market. This means we can control lights, motorized window coverings, heating and cooling, security, locks, even robot vacuums, pet doors and hot tubs. New smart home components are being developed and released every day. Our goal at Avario is seamless integration of those components into your daily life.