Unleash your landscape and pool. Avario cost-effectively paints your yard with full spectrum whites and virtually any colour combination you can imagine. All with our wireless control technology.

What makes Avario outdoor lighting special?

Great question. In short, our lights require much less wire, less disturbance to your garden during install making it quicker and less expensive, and have many more options than traditional solutions.

Our lights don’t need switch wires installed – This means that installation is fast (lights only require power) and you can place our wireless switches anywhere you want or eliminate switches entirely and just use our control app on your phone. Want a switch beside your new BBQ? peal and stick. No wires, no digging, no conduit.

Full Spectrum whites and brilliant colours – All of our outdoor lights can emit warm light, cool light and literally millions of colours.

Unlimited zones – Control sections of your garden and lighting separately without additional wiring circuits. Wireless control of your lights means you can break lighting into groups and have virtually unlimited options and fine tune your yard to fit your exact need.

Save your scenes – Set your lighting to exactly how you like it then save the setting as a ‘scene’. You can have several scenes and recall them at any time. You can create scenes for events, tasks or just experiment. Even match your lights to your favourite team colours for game nights.

App or Switch Controls – You have the choice of controlling your lighting with our ‘mount anywhere’ wireless switches or get a little more advanced with our controller app.

Avario Control System

The Avario Control System is ‘brains’ of the intelligent ecosystem. It talks to all the system components and makes sure things run smoothly.

Smart LED Lights

Avario outdoor lights come in several sizes from 9 to 100w and in both 12v and 220v format. Fully weatherproof and designed for our region’s harsh summers, these lights are energy efficient, bright and provide brilliant colours and full spectrum (warm and cool) whites. Installation is simple, fast and uses less wire and conduit due to our wireless control technology.

Wireless Switches

Traditional systems require extensive planning, conduit and wire to control your lights. Avario requires no switch wires and provides wireless, batteryless control switches that can be mounted literally anywhere. Want a switch by your BBQ? just peel, stick and play! This makes installation fast, easy and enables you to change your lighting with your mood without expensive rewiring.

Light Strips

Accentuate your space! Our light strips go anywhere you can get a power wire to. 100% weatherproof, bright, efficient and built rugged for outdoor use, our lightstrips use the same wireless control technology to bring your unlimited flexibility and customization options.

Monitor Energy Use / Costs
Energy App fullsize

Know exactly how much energy your landscape lighting, pool systems, and outdoor lighting is using with our energy monitoring app. Use it to manage costs or monitor your personal carbon footprint. This system can optionally monitor your entire home, speak to your rep for more information.

Control Tablet

Our dedicated control tablet is a fast, high resolution control system for your entire home.

Professional Installation

All of our installers are trained and certified to ensure that you get the best quality install and service possible.

Optional Addons:

Security Cameras
Wifi Distribution
Garage Door Opener
Intercom System
Full Colour Outdoor Lighting

Entry Controls
Water / Flood Sensors
Robot Vacuums
Home Theater
Pet Monitoring

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